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The circulatory system consists of the heart, arteries and veins and capillaries. Veins perform the task of carrying blood from the capillaries back to the heart. The smallest vein are termed as venules which are very thin. These venules join together to form bigger veins that continue and open in to the heart.

The veins have very thin walls and are not strong like the arteries because they perform the function of returning back the blood to the heart during which the pressure is very less. There are 2 subclavian veins in our body and they follow the subclavian artery. The subclavian veins are placed on Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis the sides of the body and are two big veins with the diameter Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis size of the pinky or the smallest finger.

Further from here, the subclavian vei n meets the internal jugular vein and gives rise to brachiocephalic vein which is go here termed as innominate vein whereas the angle of meeting point is called as venous angle. The subclavian vein runs behind the subclavian artery and the anterior scalene separates it posteriorly.

The thoracic duct pours into the meeting point of left subclavian vein and the internal jugular vein junction. This duct comprises of lymph, a Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis of water and solutes taken from the lymphatic system and also the Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis or chyle that are created inside the intestines from lipids and dietary fat.

Subclavian thrombosis is the obstruction of blood flow in the subclavian vein. The use of catheters and transvenous pacemakers has become a common clinical method. Introduction of such medical equipments or gadgets into the subclavian vein changes the flow of the read article due to which turbulence occurs.

As a result, various changes like platelet aggregation, procoagulant release and fibrin deposition occurs due to which there is decrease in the lumen of the vessel.

This process further results into thrombus formation Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis finally reaches the total vessel occlusion. Thrombophlebitis has been known to be caused by intravenous medications and also by parenteral nutrition. The thrombosis subclavian vein was first discovered by Sir James Paget around But initially during his observation he thought that the pain and swelling which was caused by this disorder emanated due to syndrome Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis vasospasm.

The subclavian vein thrombosis is also a related condition which is caused by the indwelling catheters. Owing to rise in the administration of intravenous fluid in patients in the past two decades or so, subclavian vein thromobosis problem has elevated manifold.

Increase in Gadgets von Thrombophlebitis use of catheters for patients suffering from serious injuries, chronic conditions or diseases like cancer and heart problem has led to increase in click to see more problem. Print Email Save Image Credit: Content Where is the subclavian vein located?

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